Bactisilage L


  • BACTISILAGE L contains two groups of bacteria producing lactic acid ( Heterfermintative & Homofermintative lactic acid bacteria )
  • The BACTISILAGE L contains the necessary formula to maintain the silage specifications in the event of the opening of the bunker.
  • BACTISILAGE L is a biological catalyst for silage, containing a balanced mixture of beneficial bacteria specializing in fermenting silage.
  • BACTISILAGE L is a bacterial inoculant that prevents the growth of air bacteria and mold fungi.
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• Ruminococcus Flavefaciens (20×1012 CFU)
• Lactic Acid bacteria (2.5×1013 CFU)
• Lactobacillus buchneri (2.12×1013 CFU)
• Lactobacillus diolivorans (3.75×1012 CFU)
• Lactobacillus rhamnosus (3.75×1012 CFU)

Product Description

Bacti Silage L is a biological catalyst for corn silage in liquid form, containing a balanced mixture of beneficial bacteria specialized in silage fermentation


100 ml / 1 ton of silage is sprayed


Bacti Silage or Bacti Silage L contains the necessary structure to maintain the silage specification in the case of open bunkers

Product Revenue – Milk / Meat

Bacti silage or Bacti silage L to ensure that corn silage is characterized by an increase in the daily feed intake of the animal to by increase palatability of feed, keeping the protein at corn, increasing the digestion rate of corn fiber, increasing the energy content of corn, as well as the longest plant conservation after the opening of the bunker

Product Feature

1 – Reduces the loss of silage.
2 – Helps to speed up the process of fermentation within the silage bunker.
3 – Improving the quality and efficiency of silage.
4 – Improve gastrointestinal efficiency of silage.
5 – Prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and harmful yeast during the process of silage.

Efficiency of use BACTISILAGE L:
  • It reduces the percentage of losses from silage, which is estimated by 12% to 15%, to become less than 3%.
  • BACTISILAGE L helps to quickly initiate the fermentation process within the silage bunker, which helps to benefit from the use of high-quality silage in animal feeding during a limited period of silage process.
  • BACTISILAGE L works to improve the quality and efficacy of silage, which helps to improve the digestive efficiency of silage.
  • BACTISILAGE L helps prevent the growth of harmful fungi, bacteria and yeasts during the silage process and also when opening the bunker and exposing the surface to the air environment. It also ensures that the silage is kept cool even after the bunker is opened.
  • BACTISILAGE L reduces energy loss during fermentation processes and is characterized by an increase in the energy level of corn due to the production of propandiol during the silage process.
  • It works to raise the proportion of protein in silage from 1 : 2%.