Horses Products

Probiotics are useful yeasts and bacteria that help in digestion, improve the efficiency of the immune system, and treat intestinal infections such as diarrhea that lead to the loss of a large portion of these beneficial bacteria, especially those that contribute to the production of many of the elements that horse needs to complete digestion and metabolism.
The addition of the PROBIOTIC PLUS and PROBIOTIC PLUS L to the feed and diets of horses is one of the main and important additions due to its unique composition, which contributes greatly to the regulation of digestion and metabolism, and which are dependent on the general health of horses from the integrity of the internal organs such as the digestive and respiratory system and from the strength of the bones and muscles and also the appearance skin, hair and hoof safety.

Feed Additives for Horses

▪ BACTIZAD company provides a group of feed additives that are indispensable in feeding horses, because of its many functions in carrying out important vital operations through improving the efficiency of feed materials and also can be added to feed rewards to increase their utilization .
▪ All products are manufactured according to the latest international technology.
▪ BACTIZAD for Feed Additives Company holds a certificate of good manufacturing practices from Germany .