Pets Products

Pets such as dogs and cats have a sensitive stomach, so they always need to feed on good types of dry fodder that contain their needs of protein, energy, nutrients and important additives to preserve the life of the animal and also to maximize the benefit from the feed that it feeds on. To do this, the BACTIZAD Company produced a product Probiotic Plus and Probiotic Plus L to play an important role in the life of pets and preserve their lives by improving the efficiency of their digestive system. This is due to the shape and appearance of the external animal and to its general health.
Not only that, but the role of the therapeutic product in many of the injuries related to nutrition, such as diseases of poor digestion and diarrhea caused by malnutrition, as well as improving the condition of the skin and hair.

Feed additives for pets, dogs and cats .

The company offers a set of feed additives that are indispensable in feeding pets (dogs and cats), because of its many functions in carrying out important vital processes through improving the efficiency of know-how and also can be added to feed rewards to increase the benefit from them.