Falcons and Ornamental birds

To prevent birds from getting sick, you need to preserve the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal wall, which means you need probiotics, and because the probiotic bacteria are living bacteria, you need to feed them and their feed is the prebiotic because you have to use both. And synebiotic together if you use it regularly, you will not need to use antibiotics.
And Probiotic bacteria fight harmful bacteria by sticking to the intestinal wall, preventing harmful bacteria from sticking to the mucous membrane of the intestinal wall, supporting and strengthening the mucous membrane of the intestine, increasing immunity, and preventing gastrointestinal disturbances such as bowel infections, gastrointestinal diarrhea and diarrhea as a result of antibiotics.

Additions for feed for falcons and ornamental birds

BACTIZAD company offers a group of feed additives that are indispensable for feeding falcons and ornamental birds, because they have many functions in carrying out important vital processes through improving the efficiency of feeds provided to falcons and also can be added to feed rewards to increase their utilization .
All products are manufactured according to the latest international technology .
BACTIZAD for Feed Additives is GMP certified from Germany .