X-Energy Milk

    • Minimizes loss of body condition.
    • Supports rumen stability.
    • Enhances dry matter intake.
    • Inhibits mold growth and mycotoxin production.
    • Supplying glucose to the liver and reducing body fat mobilization.
    • Improve animal performance.
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Propalyne Gurcol

– Improves Milk Yield

– Improves Reproduction

– Improves Immunity

– Improves Plasma Glucose and Liver Function in Ketosis Cows

The Combination of Propalyne Glycol with Glycerol Improve the Effects in Preventing Ketosis




– Stabilize Rumen Environment and pH

– Glycerol can Be Converted to Glucose by The Liver and Kidneys and Provides Energy.

– Improves The Efficient Use of The Feed.

– Improve Growth (Gain And / Or Feed Efficiency).

– Reduce Heat Stress Effects.

– Improve Health Such as Less Ketosis and Reduce Acidosis.

– Improve Immune Response.



– Helps To Maintain Immune Function and Animal Health, And Aids in The Prevention of Muscular Dystrophy in Young Calves.

– Vitamin E Helps to Maintain the Bright Pink or Red Color and Taste of Meat.

– A Powerful Health Promoter for Dairy Cows.

– Reduce The Duration of The Clinical Symptoms of Mastitis.



– Increase Dry Matter Intake (DMI) and Improved Immune Response

– Improves Milk Yield

– Improving The Development of The Gastrointestinal in Calves

– Boosting The Immune System of Weaning and Adult Ruminants

– Reducing Mastitis

– Animal Performance Benefits



– Improves Nutrient Utilization and Nitrogen Metabolism in The Rumen

– MOS Maintained More Body Weight of Beef Cows During Parturition.

– Enhanced Immune Response to Rotavirus of Dairy Cows During the Dry Period and Tended to Enhance the Subsequent Transfer of Rotavirus Antibodies to Their Calves.

– MOS Increases Ruminal Ph and Total Short Chain Fatty Acids (SOFAS) Concentration.

– Decrease Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) Level in Plasma.

– Reduce Ruminal Ammonia Concentration and Ruminal Stratum Corneum Thickness and Total Thickness of Ruminal Epithelium.

– Reduce The Incidence and Severity of Hepatic Abscesses


Glycerol 200 gm

Propalyne Gurcol 100 gm

Vit E 2.6 gm

Iron 270 mg

Molasses up to 1 L



Dairy calves 100-150 ml/ day Dairy

Heifers 200-250 ml/ day

Dairy cattle 300-350 ml/ day

for 3 to 5 day – Or when it is needed Or Even productivity stabilization for dairy cattle in transition period