Bacti immune


BACTIMMUNE is a unique formula to stimulate the growth of anaerobic bacteria, as it provides the bacterial proteins needed to build animal protein in animals producing meet or dairy cows and specializes in milk production. It also improves the rumen environment, protects the entire digestive system parts from injuries or disturbances, raises the efficiency of the immune system and strengthens resistance against diseases. Also, a role in reducing the aflatoxin levels in feed.


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Ruminococcus Flavefaciens 14 x 104 CFU
Mannan oligosaccharides 75 g
β-GLUCAN 70 g


2.5 g / head for sheep
10 g / head for cattle and buffalo


Add 1 kg per ton of pelleting or mash feed


Heat-resistant and extrusion-resistant 75 %

Product Revenue – Milk

1.25 liter daily milk for cows
0.6 liter daily milk for buffaloes

Product Revenue – Meat

250 g daily for cows and buffalo
120 g daily for sheep

Product Feature

1 – Improve digestion
2 – Improve production performance
3 – Raise immunity
4 – anti-toxin

Efficiency of use BACTOIMMUNE:
  • The effect of feeding fattening animals (cows, buffalo calves and camels) with BACTOIMMUNE: BACTOIMMUNE increases the average daily production by 200 g / head / day.
  • Sheep and goats: BACTOIMMUNE increase average daily production by 90 g / head / day.
  • Effect of feeding milk production animals on BACTOIMMUNE: BACTOIMMUNE increases the average daily production of dairy cows in milk production 1.5l / head / day (length of milk season).
  • BACTOIMMUNE increases the daily average daily yield of milking buffalo in milk production 1 liter / head / day (milk season length).
  • BACTOIMMUNE increases the percentage of solid, non-greasy solids produced daily, despite the increase in milk intake.
  • Effect of poultry feeding on BACTOIMMUNE: BACTOIMMUNE improves the feed conversion factor.
  • The use of BACTOIMMUNE increased the weight of the bird from 200: 300 g, resulting in a reduced cycle time of 3: 5 days.
  • BACTOIMMUNE reduces the use of antibiotics as it has increased the bird’s immunity.
  • BACTOIMMUNE breaks aflatoxin into feed.
  • The effect of rabbit feeding on BACTOIMMUNE: BACTOIMMUNE works to increase fertility rates for males and females.
  • Increased weight and number of calves at birth and weaning.
  • BACTOIMMUNE works to raise daily growth rates from 35: 45 g / day during the period of fattening and early reaching marketing weight.
  • BACTOIMMUNE increase the efficiency of the immune system.
  • BACTOIMMUNE is anti-stress.
  • The effect of adding BACTOIMMUNE to fish: the use of BACTOIMMUNE in feed resulted in a 10% increase in the weight of fish during the rearing cycle.