• LACTOPRO is a unique product not only because it contains both lactic acid bacteria, mannan and B-glucans in large proportions, but LACTOPRO was manufactured according to the latest manufacturing technology, all of this is ultimately reflected in the image of the immune response of the bird due to the role of B-glucan with its large percentage and a noticeable decrease in problems Intestinal and respiratory due to the role of lactic acid bacteria due to its importance in getting rid of harmful bacteria and preserving the environment of the gut from pathogens, as well as improving the use of the bird from the various feed components, which leads to a saving in the feed consumption and the high performance of the productive bird.
  • LACTOPRO is highly active and pure.
  • LACTOPRO is high in its content of lactic acid bacteria and the concentration of both mannan and B-glucan, which gives it the properties of long-acting preparations.
  • LACTOPRO is stable with high temperatures, acid resistance and high salinity levels.
  • LACTOPRO is very vital, which gives the ability to reproduce and form beneficial bacterial colonies.
  • LACTOPRO is safe, does not produce pollution and has no toxic effect.
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  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus 1 x 1012 CFU
  • annan oligosaccharides 100 g
  • β-Glucan 150 g
Product Efficacy

1. Feed Active bacillus Subtlis can promote the growth of beneficial anaerobic bacteria in the intestinal tract, decrease the amount of E. coli and vibrio, rod-shaped bacteria, enhance the anti-stress capability, effectively prevent diarrhea, constipation and reduce the diseases.
2. Feed Active bacillus subtilis can inhibit pathogenic fungus by produce Poly-peptide active substances such as the iturin, polymyxin, nystatin, rod peptide and surfactin and so on. These substances inhibit generated growth process of fungus pathogenic.
3. Provide nutrients, promote animal growth, its metabolism in animals produce active substances, directly for the host to provide available lysine, methionine and other essential amino acid and various vitamins.
4. Maintain the intestinal ecological balance, improve food digestion rate and biological value, reduce feed conversion rate, inhibit the growth of spoilage organisms, prevent diseases such as dysentery and diarrhea.
5. Improve immunity, regulate the immune system, stimulate the immune cell growth and development, improve the body disease-resistant ability, and the ability to resist stress.
6. Optimize the environment of breeding and decrease defecation, The feces of beneficial bacteria inhibition of pathogenic bacteria breeding, improve farm odour and health, reduce mosquito breeding, forming a healthy ecological aquaculture environment.


Added homogeneously to the basal feed.
The product can also be added in the feed processing


1. In poultry, livestock (rabbit) and aquaculture (fish) 0.5Kg/ton.
2. cannot be used with bactericide and antibacterial agent

Product Feature

1. High-activity, high-purity, high-content, long-lasting effect.
2. Good stability, acid-proof, salt-tolerant, heat-resistant and extrusion-resistant.
3. Strong stress resistance, easy to be resuscitated, reproduced and colonized.
4. Safety, green, and non-toxic without pollution and side effects.

Efficiency of use LACTOPRO:
  • LACTOPRO works to supply the bird with nutrients and growth stimulant by helping the bird to form the active raw materials directly in supplying the bird with available lysine, methionine and some essential amino acids as well as various vitamins.
  • LACTOPRO maintains a balance of bacterial communities within the intestine; It improves the rate of digestive efficiency and biological values ​​and works to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. It inhibits the growth of harmful living organisms and prevents the occurrence of diseases such as diarrhea and dysentery.
  • LACTOPRO works to activate and increase the efficiency of the bird’s immune system and to fight disease and heat stress.
  • LACTOPRO works to reduce pollution resulting from animal feeds on it. It was noted that the output reduced the percentage of bacteria strains harmful to it, which improves the health of the farm, reduces mosquitoes, and improves the health of the general environmental image.