• It is a group of anaerobic bacteria that improves the productive efficiency of the animal, both in terms of the increase in weight or the increase in milk production and increase fertility and raise the efficiency of the animal’s immune system.
  • FIDAL also acts as an anti-aflatoxin to break down aflatoxin.
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Ruminococcus Flavefaciens 20 x 1012 CFU


Water additives
Or used as an animal dosage
Or add 1 liter per ton of mash feed


Heat-resistant and extrusion-resistant 50 %

Product Revenue – Milk

1.5 liter daily milk for cows
0.75 liter daily milk for buffaloes

Product Revenue – Meat

300 g daily for cows and buffalo
135 g daily for sheep

Product Feature

1 – Improve digestion
2 – Improve production performance
3 – Raise immunity
4 – anti-toxin


2.5 ml / head for sheep
10 ml / head for cows and buffalo
The dosage is 40 ml / head for sheep
100 ml / head for cows and buffalo
For 3 consecutive days

Efficiency of use FIDAL:
  • FIDAL increases the average daily production of milking cows from milk 1.5 L / head / day (length of milk season).
  • FIDAL increases average daily milk production of buffalo milk 1 liter / head / day (length of days milk).
  • FIDAL increases the percentage of solid, non-greasy solids produced daily, despite the increase in the amount of milk.
  • FIDAL increases the average daily production of meat in beef, camel and camel calves 200 g / head / day.
  • FIDAL increases average daily production of meat in sheep and goats by 90 g / head / day.
  • FIDAL improves the feed conversion factor.
  • The use of FIDAL increased the weight of the bird from 200: 300 g, which reduced the period of the cycle from 3 to 5 days.
  • FIDAL reduces the use of antibiotics as it has raised the bird’s immunity.
  • FIDAL breaks down aflatoxins in feed.
  • FIDAL works to increase fertility rates for males and females.
  • Increased weight and number of calves at birth and weaning.
  • FIDAL works to raise daily growth rates from 35: 45 g / day during the period of fattening and early reaching marketing weight
  • FIDAL raises the efficiency of the rabbit’s immune system.
  • FIDAL is anti-stress of all kinds.
  • Using the FIDAL in feeding, the fish weight increased by 10% during the fatting period.