X-Energy Beef

    • Minimizes loss of body condition.
    • Supports rumen stability.
    • Enhances dry matter intake.
    • Inhibits mold growth and mycotoxin production.
    • Supplying glucose to the liver and reducing body fat mobilization.
    • Improve animal performance.
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Glycerol 200 gm

Propalyne Gurcol 100 gm

Vit E 2.6 gm

Iron 270 mg

Molasses up to 1 L


100 – 200 ml / day for Beef Calves
200 – 250 ml / day for Beef Steers
For 3 – 5 consecutive days

Product Feature
    1. Minimizes loss of body condition
    2. Supports rumen stability.
    3. Enhances dry matter intake.
    4. Inhibits mold growth and mycotoxin production.
    5. Supplying glucose to the liver and reducing body fat mobilization
    6. Improve animal performance.

Propalyne Gurcol

– Improves Milk Yield

– Improves Reproduction

– Improves Immunity

– Improves Plasma Glucose and Liver Function in Ketosis Cows

The Combination of Propalyne Glycol with Glycerol Improve the Effects in Preventing Ketosis




– Stabilize Rumen Environment and pH

– Glycerol can Be Converted to Glucose by The Liver and Kidneys and Provides Energy.

– Improves The Efficient Use of The Feed.

– Improve Growth (Gain And / Or Feed Efficiency).

– Reduce Heat Stress Effects.

– Improve Health Such as Less Ketosis and Reduce Acidosis.

– Improve Immune Response.



– Helps To Maintain Immune Function and Animal Health, And Aids in The Prevention of Muscular Dystrophy in Young Calves.

– Vitamin E Helps to Maintain the Bright Pink or Red Color and Taste of Meat.

– A Powerful Health Promoter for Dairy Cows.

– Reduce The Duration of The Clinical Symptoms of Mastitis.



– Increase Dry Matter Intake (DMI) and Improved Immune Response

– Improves Milk Yield

– Improving The Development of The Gastrointestinal in Calves

– Boosting The Immune System of Weaning and Adult Ruminants

– Reducing Mastitis

– Animal Performance Benefits



– Improves Nutrient Utilization and Nitrogen Metabolism in The Rumen

– MOS Maintained More Body Weight of Beef Cows During Parturition.

– Enhanced Immune Response to Rotavirus of Dairy Cows During the Dry Period and Tended to Enhance the Subsequent Transfer of Rotavirus Antibodies to Their Calves.

– MOS Increases Ruminal Ph and Total Short Chain Fatty Acids (SOFAS) Concentration.

– Decrease Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) Level in Plasma.

– Reduce Ruminal Ammonia Concentration and Ruminal Stratum Corneum Thickness and Total Thickness of Ruminal Epithelium.

– Reduce The Incidence and Severity of Hepatic Abscesses